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I Do 2010

I Do 2010 workshop – Design and Ageing in the Pearl River Delta area (PRD)

Invitation to Partner Schools:

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Design, TUDelft – The Netherlands, TBA
Tutors: SD Philine Bracht, TU Delft – Alex Visser.
More Information? Send an email to Do you are a Dutch student? Have a look at page I Do 2010 / NL

Societies and governments around the world are facing rapid change as a result of their ageing populations. China’s one child policy has created an increase in the proportion of the population that is over 65 years of age. China will soon have the world’s second largest ageing population after Japan.
“Statistics show that, from 2000 to 2007, the number of Chinese people aged 65 or older will increase from the current less than 100 million to more than 200 million, up over 4 million per year and the aged will make up 14 percent of the total population.
But from 2028 to 2036, the number of the same group will surge from 200 million to over 300 million, indicating that the aged Chinese’s total will increase by some 10 million each year and make up 20 percent of the nation’s total population in the end.”
China Daily News Service, 06/04/2004

At the same time advances in health care and lifestyle find people living longer and healthier lives. Sixty is the new forty. People in their sixties and seventies have more income and education than any previous generation. They remain energetic and productive members of society making meaningful contributions to their communities.

Ageing in the News:
China Faces the Challenge of an Ageing Population
BBC News: China’s ageing population
McKinsey Quarterly: The Aging Of China

Our workshop will address this social change from a broad design perspective. We will explore solutions to enhance active, community based living for the silver generation. Innovative concepts for products, services, and environments targeted at this surging population will be explored during this year’s workshop.

The project will handled by 4 teams of five students, one from each country supervised by tutors from HKPU and partner design schools.

Students will prepare research reports, conduct market research, develop design strategy and propose brand and product ideas culminating in a 5 minute multimedia commercial of the final solution (Flash or Director softwares are suggested) and a design report (.PDF). The final solutions will be posted on PolyU’s Youtube channel.There is a possibilty of building a full scale mock up of the best of the solutions for an exhibition in Hong Kong.

This years project kicks off during the upcoming Design Conference. The Friday session will feature a panel of international experts speaking on these topics.
Project start date: Monday June 7th 2010 (need to confirm)

Week 1 Ethnographic research in PRD
Week 2 Conference and Seminars with experts (HK)
Week 3 Concepts generation and checkpoint presentation (HK)
Week 4 Design Development sketch model presentation (HK)
Week 5 Final Design Development (HK)
Week 6 Final design commercial and presentation to stakeholders
Project Completion: Friday July 17th 2010